Solution Pulse Sequence Library

This library contains pulse sequences that have been tested on our equipment. All pulse programs are written for the use on Bruker Avance consoles running Topspin version 2.x/Topspin 3.x.

Disclaimer: These pulse programs are provided "as is" for your information. If used incorrectly these programs may potentially damage your instrument! Users employ the pulse programs at their own risk and NYSBC is not liable for any physical or other damage incurred during the use of the pulse programs.

Please report any potential issues to


Experiment Type Experiment Version TopSpin
CPMG 15N TROSY Selected & Detected CPMG 2.1/3.5
CPMG 15N-Relaxation Compensated CPMG HSQC/TROSY 2.1/3.5
Hahn-echo Methyl-TROSY with ZQ/DQ Hahn-Echo 2.1
Hahn-echo 15N TROSY-selected Hahn-echo 2.1/3.5
1HN T2 Measuring rotational correlation times 2.1/3.5
2H relaxation rates Methyl Group Deuterium Relaxation 2.1/3.5
T1/T2/NOE 15N T1/T2/NOE HSQC/TROSY Relaxation Experiments 2.1/3.5
T1/NOE Simultaneous 15N-T1 and {1H}-15N NOE TROSY Detected 2.1/3.5
ZZ-exchange 15N TROSY-selected ZZ-exchange 2.1/3.5